October 2017: Schnellertollermeier: "Rights" out now!

April 2017: Things to Sounds has got a new record out now, our 3rd one already! It's out on WideEarRecords...

March 2017: I'm excited about Zimmerlin-Stoffner-Meier's debut album out now on WideEarRecords!

We play some gigs in Switzerland and Portugal this month and in April. Check shows for more info...
You can get the CD on Bandcamp (physical and digital) and Subradar (digital only).

December 2016: New record out now - double LP by DAY & TAXI!

February 15, 2016: I'm very happy that LEON's debut record as a quartet is out now! We're currently on a release tour in Switzerland. More gigs to come throughout the year.

October 20, 2015: DAY & TAXI tour in Japan coming up!

January 22, 2015: People! Schnellertollermeier's 3rd album is finally out on Cuneiform Records! It's called X and it sounds really good! E-mail me if you want to buy one.

October 1: China Tour with LEON coming up next week! ...and our debut album is due in spring 2015!

August 5: New record! I'm pretty excited and happy that this first audio document of the current Day & Taxi formation is out now! This band has a history of 25+ years, and going (I've been part of it for the last 1.5 years). I highly recommend to check out previous releases with different line-ups as well. Our record is called "Artists" and is released on Christoph Gallio's own label Percaso. We have a lot of gigs coming up in the fall and also next year - so there's plenty of opportunities to hear us live!

March 10: Trio Riot's debut CD is out on Efpi Records in just a few days! You can get it on Trio Riot's bandcamp page or by contacting me. We'll be playing a short release tour in the UK in end of March. More info here!

February 27: Tomorrow Schnellertollermeier goes on tour in Russia!

February 10: Tour in Finland coming up with Equally Stupid! We will have our brand new debut CD in the bag:

January 2014: I'm super-excited about this upcoming tour in China and Japan with léon+

November 30: New album out now!
'Organism', the second album of my collaborative trio Things to Sounds (with Tobias Meier and Yves Theiler) is released on WideEarRecords.

You can order the album directly from me or through WideEarRecords' bandcamp page (digital & physical).

November 11: I'm excited to tour again this week (and next) in England with Trio Riot. Here are two videos we made this summer: Candid, 31

Augutst 26: New Hunter-Gatherer review from Tages-Anzeiger

July 2: New Hunter-Gatherer reviews. . . click here

June 24: Two new reviews, from Bad Alchemy and kulturtipp. . . click here

May 5: The debut album of my new quintet Hunter-Gatherer is finally out now!
The CD is released on the label WideEarRecords and you can order it directly from me or through WideEarRecords' bandcamp page (digital & physical).

April 18: The CD-Release tour of my quintet Hunter-Gatherer is coming up in May and June. Check out the flyer and see you at one of our shows!

February 14: Happy Valentine's Day!
I recently did a recording session with collaborative Trio Things to Sounds. It went great and I'm really excited about the music! Stay tuned for a release on WideEarRecords later this year.
Until then you can for example download our last album from our new Bandcamp page and/or you can watch this video of a gig we played last September in Geneva. Cheers!

November 26: Here's a recent video of a schnellertollermeier gig at SAS in Delémont, and we have a tour in Russia coming up next month (go to shows for more info)!

November 11: Busy month! schnellertollermeier was on a double bill tour with the exciting punk/rock/noise quartet Breakfast on a Battlefield. I will post some videos soon here or on the schnellertollermeier facebook/myspace sites - stay tuned.
Now I'm in England on tour with Trio Riot, with my good friends Mette Rasmussen and Sam Andreae. This group has been going for a while - it's our third tour in England! We have three more gigs to go and next week we're going to record our debut album which will be released sometimes in 2013 - stay tuned for that as well!

September 16: I have a few gigs coming up with Things to Sounds and I'm quite excited to play with that trio!
Also, the W.A.R.M.O.R. festival is happening next week from 18-23 September. It's a festival organized by 6 different labels/networks that release and promote music linked in some way to improvisation. I am involved with the Zürich-based label WideEarRecords and we are also part of this festival. It would be nice to see you there!

June 21: Found this video of a gig with Aaargh! at Musta Kissa in Helsinki on youtube. We were playing outside with the evening sun shining at our faces… Great venue, great audience, fantastic evening and memories - see for yourself:

June: Just updated the Media page. More videos, Soundfiles and Pictures to check out...
The Recording with Aaargh! went great - stay tuned for a release in early 2013!
I'm currently in Berlin for 2 weeks. Looking forward to play with Markus Pesonen and Dan Peter Sundland at Quasimodo!

Mai: I'm looking forward to play and record with collaborative Trio "Aaargh!" end of this month. This group features Sam Andreae from Manchester (UK) on tenor saxophone and Eero Tikkanen from Helsinki (FIN) on bass. You can listen to some music we played at a concert in Switzerland last December here.

April: We had an exciting tour in Finland, Russia and Austria with schnellertollermeier last April! You can check out videos and pictures here.

April `12: Welcome to my new website!

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