Drummer and composer David Meier (*1985 in Lucerne, Switzerland) has been working since 2006 with the internationally active Swiss band Schnellertollermeier, which plays uncompromising music between modern composition, minimal music, improvisation and rock music.
In duo with synthesizer and computer wizard Ramon Landolt he works in the border area of electronic and acoustic music. He explores the possibilities of the drumset in the context of improvised music in the trios Zimmerlin-Stoffner-Meier and Meier-Hanes Amberg, as well as in duo with violinist Anouck Genthon and various other ensembles.
His septet Hunter-Gatherer acts as a vehicle for his rhythmically complex and melodically idiosyncratic compositions, which always contain large amounts of improvisation and specific interpretive strategies.
In his solo performances he creates a personal music, which is characterized by the improvisational approach and simultaneous restriction to just a few parameters at a time.
His energetic playing and organic sound have made him a sought-after drummer in Switzerland and beyond.

David studied in music universities in Bern and Lucerne with drummers Gerry Hemingway, Pierre Favre, Billie Brooks, Fabian Kuratli and Norbert Pfammatter. He completed the Nordic Master degree program, spending a semester each in Helsinki, Stockholm, Arhus and Trondheim.
In 2018 he received the Auslandatelier-Stipendium from the city of Zürich and spent 6 months in New York.
He has toured all over Europe, as well as Canada, USA, Chile & Argentinia, India, Russia & Siberia, China, Korea & Japan.
David is based in Zürich and has spent considerable time in Helsinki, Berlin and New York over the years.

contact: davidmeiermusic[at]gmail[dot]com

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